myStaffingPro Review by Catholic Charities

We asked Stephanie at Cleveland Catholic Charities what she thought of myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  Below are her responses to our brief survey.

What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system? This is the first applicant tracking system I have used for collecting and screening resumes.  I like that we do not have to print all the resumes and enter them into our system.  The hiring managers are able to receive the resumes faster because we can email them.  Before we used to send the resumes in interoffice mail.  It is also easier to see if applicants have a certain degree or license with being able to have a questionnaire.

How long have you been using myStaffingPro (MSP)? 1 year this month!

How has myStaffingPro affected your processes (i.e. cost effectiveness, time to fill, etc.) The process is different for me in the way that I am posting the open positions and keeping track of them online. It is nice not to have piles of resumes to go through and just being able to look at them online and the hiring managers can print only the resumes that they are really interested in. As mentioned above, being able to see right away if the applicant has certain licenses or degrees is very helpful. I am not sure how much more cost effective the system has been. With this system, I am able to have my coworker help me screen the resumes and she is able to forward them on to hiring managers, which this gives me more time to work on other assignments.

What is your favorite myStaffingPro feature? I like how we can have different questionnaire for each job opening we have. I will put specific questions for certain jobs. I will ask about experience working with a certain age group, computer program, etc. This way, when the hiring managers receive the resumes, they right away see if the applicant has experience in certain areas of the position.

What would you say to other HR professionals about myStaffingPro? Request Amy Morman!  Seriously though…the help that you and myStaffingPro provide is great. You always respond back to my calls/emails and are so helpful. You coming out to our site and giving us the training was also helpful in preparing us in using this system. You didn’t just come out here, set us up and leave us. The system is easy to learn.

With all the time you have saved since using MSP, what do you do with your extra time? I wouldn’t say I have extra time. Even though I do not spend as much time screening resumes, the time is now spent with creating questionnaires, posting open positions and keeping track of expiring jobs on careerboard. These were not responsibilities I had before. I took them on once we started using myStaffingPro.

About Cleveland Catholic Charities:

Catholic Charities Health and Human Services provides direction, governance, integration, management, supervision and leadership within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland in the ever-changing social and economic environment in which we live.

Our work is accomplished through several entities and we are blessed with competent leaders and skilled employees in all areas of service. We are dedicated to be collaborative and to interact with public and private health and human service organizations at local, diocesan, state and national levels. In this way, we can serve the people of the eight counties of the Diocese in the most effective way.
To apply for a position with Cleveland Catholic Charities, please visit

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