Preparing your Staff for a New Applicant Tracking System

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a new ATS!  Besides your recruiters, who will care?   Well, as it turns out, everyone!  Before you get ambushed with questions, prepare your staff by answering these FAQs.


  • How will this help the bottom line?
  • How long has this vendor been in business?  Are they stable?


  • What are applicants completing, answering, and/or agreeing to?
  • What is the contract?  What are we agreeing to?
  • How is the data being stored?
  • Is this company legit?


  • What hardware and/or software is required?
  • How secure is the data?
  • What is their disaster recovery plan?


  • How does this affect our website?
  • How will this influence our search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • Can the jobs be posted on our social media profiles?
  • Can we incorporate branding into the online application process?

Hiring Managers

  • Will the hiring process change?
  • Will it be easier to hire someone?
  • How much paperwork do I have to do?
  • How soon can the person I select start?

Internal Employees

  • How do I apply for an internal job?
  • What is the URL again?
  • How do I refer someone to an opening?
  • Are we going to change any policies?

Selecting an applicant tracking vendor is just one small part of the implementation puzzle.  Before you buy, ask your applicant tracking vendor for resources to address each department’s need.   Like a good scout, be prepared.

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