Interview with myStaffingPro Partner, Job Rooster

We invited Ajay Kachwaha to hop on his soap box and tell us about Job Rooster.  Below are his answers to our questions.

What is Job Rooster?

Job Rooster is a location-based service that lets employers and staffing firms interact with any candidate, anytime, anywhere in the world.

What services do you provide?

We let employers and staffing firms communicate with job seekers/employees on their mobile phone using text message. Job Rooster is a powerful ‘last mile’ solution that makes it possible to truly communicate with candidates in real-time — whether they’re online or away from the computer.

  • Automate Sourcing and Appointment Scheduling
  • Pre-qualify and rank candidates
  • Text Enabled Employee Evaluations
  • SMS enable jobs
  • Push jobs out to candidates cell phones
  • Geo-Location (know when day labor shows up for work)

What/Who is your “sweet” spot?

Enterprise employers, government agencies, and high-volume staffing firms all benefit from using Job Rooster. Contract and temporary placement practices particularly get a lot of benefit from the Rooster. Enterprise employers conducting diversity recruiting initiatives that target minority and youth job seekers really love the Rooster’s mobile phone service.

Why should businesses use Job Rooster?

Because they want to save money by working smarter, not harder. As the economy picks up and time to placement becomes more critical for every growing business, Job Rooster will help enterprise employer and large staffing firms exceed recruitment expectations by bringing the power of location-based services to every facet of the recruitment lifecycle.

How can they learn more?

Contact — we look forward to hearing from you!

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