411 on Certified Partner, emPerform

myStaffingPro has recently awarded Corporate Renaissance Group with a partnership for their performance management system, emPerform.   We asked their Marketing guru, Natalie Trudel, to give us the 411 on their system.  Below are her responses to our brief interview.

What is emPerform?

emPerform is a web-based, all-inclusive performance and talent management solution. This all-in-one software suite includes robust functionality to simplify and automate core talent management processes.

What services do you provide?

emPerform includes automated and customizable performance appraisals, compensation management, 360 degree multi-rater reviews, online surveys, succession planning and powerful reporting and analytics. emPerform also includes fantastic functionality such as single-sign on, multi-lingual capabilities, off-line synchronization, and integration with HRIS.

A great feature of emPerform is that it can be deployed either hosted or on-site and customers have the freedom to switch between the two at any time as their organization shifts and expands.

What/Who is your “sweet” spot?

emPerform has several capabilities that allow it to stand out among the competition but I would say that the top three are reporting, customer service, and affordability.

Reporting: emPerform boasts one of the most flexible and powerful reporting tools available on the talent management market. It comes standard with a library of almost a hundred canned reports available for use out of the box and customers can also create custom, ad-hoc reports.  With emPerform, organizations can create their own HR Performance Metrics to reflect what is important in their own organization and determine what is driving corporate success.

Customer Service: emPerform customers invest in a great software platform, but they also invest in a relationship. emPerform has a team of expert implementation and support staff that provide fast and knowledgeable service. Unlike many other vendors, emPerform does not subcontract its services and this results in a level of personal support that we take pride in.

Affordability: Because emPerform isn’t modularized, customers are never subject to up-sells. Everything is provided in one package for one great price.

Why should businesses use emPerform?

Proper and effective talent management is vital for the success of any organizations. emPerform enables companies to efficiently align their talent to organizational goals – ensuring the right people are in the right place and working on the right things. emPerform simplifies employee performance management and empowers organizations to properly align, develop, reward, and retain their most valuable asset – their talent.

How can they learn more?

To learn more about emPerform, we invite you to visit our website: www.employee-performance.com

For great talent management resources, you can also check out our blog: www.employee-performance.com/blog.

emPerform also hosts helpful and informative webinars and has a library of archived webinars available for download for FREE. http://www.employee-performance.com/webinars.html

Finally, follow us on twitter @emPerform  to stay up-to-date on the latest news and offers from emPerform.

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  1. Its an really very informative blog.Wating for another one!

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