Formatted to Fit your Mobile Screen

I admit, I’m addicted to my phone. So, when our CIO mentioned that we were going to make myStaffingPro’s candidate experience mobile, I was more than excited, I was thrilled. I was eagerly anticipating  the mobile candidate experience, what it could do, how it would look, how much information it would provide, etc.

After much anticipation, the mobile candidate portal is finally here! Although I’m somewhat biased, its gets my geek seal of approval. The mobile candidate portal has the customer’s logo,  same look and feel, and robust functionality.  Candidates can search by the same options, and view the complete job description before continuing on to complete their prescreening questions. The best part is that its been “formatted to fit your screen” so that you don’t have to scroll scroll scroll all over the place to read the page. But, don’t take my word for it.

Check it out!

Designed for “fat fingers”, applicants can select a job with just one touch:

Social networking tools are embedded into each job posting. Information the applicant actually cares about is presented in a simple layout:

Only minimal information is requested in easy to use form fields (again, with the small screen in mind):

Full prescreening functionality supported – customized to each job:

The best part, we’ve given all of our standard customers the mobile candidate portal for free!

Want to go mobile with your hiring process?  Contact us to learn more about our mobile candidate portal, or visit

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