Younger Generations: We Love Our Mobile Apps!

We asked our intern, Samantha Robison, what she thought of our new mobile candidate portal Below is her blog about myStaffingPro’s latest release.

Our need for instant communication, access, and technology is continuously spreading through younger generations. Straying away from the computers, netbooks, and laptops, mobile capabilities have continued to satisfy and amaze their customers. Personally, I feel having apps such as Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, etc. is a necessity when its access is so readily available at my fingertips.

Because younger generations, I guess you could say are a little more “impatient” when it comes to getting what they want, they want access immediately and if it requires less work on them, they’ll love it.

For example, several college grads are stepping out of college and entering the real world with one thing in mind: I need a job. Not only is applying for a job a hassle enough, applications can be time consuming. But not anymore! Applying online has been made easier to access with myStaffingPro’s new mobile candidate portal that will allow you to apply for any job anytime and anywhere!

I have my phone with me at all times and it’s practically attached at my hip, so when I want to search and apply for a job, this portal will be a great tool for my busy schedule. Wherever I am and at whatever time, I can search for jobs, access their applications (that are fitted to the perfect screen size), start my application, edit it, add information to it, and even submit it right from my phone. Just like how Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes, have been so successful as far as younger generations having access to them at all times, mobile apps like these really shows just how easy and convenient it is to use.

So why not apply from your mobile app as well?

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