7 Signs that you are a HR Tech Laggard

  1. You are accepting paper applications.  Enough said.  Stop the insanity!  Applicant tracking systems have come down considerably in price, and they allow your applicants to apply via mobile phone, web, and telephone.
  2. Requisition approval consists of you yelling down the hallway to the VP.
  3. You are trying to figure out how to tweet myFacebook and friend LinkedIn.  According to a poll of job seekers on SimplyHired.com, 77% had an account on Facebook, 56% had an account on LinkedIn, while 27% had a Twitter account. Another Simply Hired poll found that 65% of job seekers are using social networks in their job search.  Capitalize on these free recruiting tools by reading our blog Recruiting in 2011.
  4. Somewhere you are using an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Obtaining feedback from a hiring manager consists of plopping down a stack of paper on their desk with an URGENT post-it.
  6. Recruiters and/or payroll are manually entering applicant information.
  7. You are faxing ANYTHING

Tired of lagging behind?  Contact us to learn about our SaaS applicant tracking system, myStaffingPro.

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