2011 SHRM Annual Conference – A Newbie’s Perspective

Last week, I attended the SHRM Annual Conference for the first time. While I have attended several conventions in other industries, it was very interesting to attend this one. The Human Resources arena covers a broad spectrum of individuals, both in personalities and in job description.

I had a great time talking to people, getting a brief glimpse of some of the hurdles they face, as well as discussing the tools that make doing their job easier. It is rewarding to work for an applicant tracking company that provides products that help their efficiency, facilitate their process flow, and give them the ability to stay on top of things.

I also attended a couple of the presentations, all of which provided valuable insight to both the issues the human resource managers face and how we can enhance our applicant tracking product to help them overcome those challenges.  The most intriguing session I attended was “I Know My Website Stinks – How Do I Fix It?:  by NAS Recruitment’s Matt V. Adam.  At the beginning of the session, we broke out into small groups to discuss our career portals and how they “stink”.  It was surprising to learn how few have the SEO, social media, and tools available that are standard in myStaffingPro.

Overall, there was good people, good food, and some fun activities made for a great week. Let’s do it again sometime!

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