Top 5 Reasons to Go Mobile with your Candidate Portal

  1. Everyone has one!  Smart phones are the “must have” gadget.  Nielsen reported that 55% of new phone buyers purchased smart phones, and according to Google 81% of smart phone users browse the internet.
  2. Unmatched accessibility!  Mobile phones are always on, always on hand, and are always connected.  Candidates can apply anytime, anywhere.  Just think, your next candidate could apply while waiting in line for their latte!  For a real life example, check out our CEO’s blog “If You Build It They Will Come“.
  3. It makes you “look cool”.
  4. Candidates are searching for jobs on mobile-enabled job boards and search engines.  Regardless of where or how  a candidate finds your job, you want them to be able to apply.
  5. Your competition is doing it.  myStaffingPro customers have had free mobile-enabled candidate portals since May.  How many candidates have you missed out on?

Interested in learning more about mobile candidate application technology?  Join our webinar, “Go Mobile: 20 Tips for a Successful Mobile Candidate Experience” on August 18th at 2pm ET by registering at

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