Dummies Guide to Social Recruiting

You’ve heard about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You’ve even signed up, and on occasion you log in and watch everyone else and wonder how to get in on the game. Today, is your day! Grab your gym shorts, and bring it! Today’s blog is social recruiting for dummies.

  1. Get on Facebook! Quickly and painlessly post your job openings on Facebook and allow applicants to apply. myStaffingPro applicant tracking system provides the technology to post job openings to your Facebook wall as well as a separate jobs tab. For step by step instructions, please read our blogs How to Use myStaffingPro to Post your Job Openings to Facebook and Post your Job Openings to Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Tweet your openings. Within 10 minutes you can setup a free, automatic feed of your job openings to Twitter. To get in the game, read our blog Post your Job Openings to Twitter and Facebook. Still too much? Contact TweetmyJobs, and they’ll do the work for you.
  3. Search engine optimize (SEO) your career site. SEO is all about making your web content visible to search engines (Google) so that your information shows up in the search results. If your jobs show up on search engines directly from your career site, you may never have to pay for a job board again! (At myStaffingPro we build SEO right into our customer’s career sites.).
  4. Use LinkedIn. Even though many of the recruitment features built into LinkedIn require cash, recruiter Erin Campbell wrote an informative blog on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn, without spending a dime.
  5. Create a quick response bar code. You’ve seen those bar code things everywhere from store displays to magazines to tradeshow exhibits. Not only do they look impressive, but they are easy to use and create! For a complete how to, read our blog Create a Quick Response Bar Code for your Career Site

Last but not least, score the game winning shot by mobile enabling your career site. Chances are that your applicants are finding your job information on their mobile phones through your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. Once they find it, you want to make sure that they can apply regardless of what device they are using. If you use myStaffingPro as your applicant tracking system, you are all set. If you use one of those other guys, or gasp – an internal system, I would highly recommend that you connect with them to see where mobile technology is on their development list.

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