Be Accommodating During the Candidate Experience

I know what I like and I like what I like.  And, I like my smart phone.  It’s my toy, social connection, and my Franklin Covey replacement- swear by it system.  My co-worker on the other hand, is a die-hard old school Franklin Covey elitist.  She wants to see it, touch it, update it, rip out pages, etc.   Both options get the job done, and each of us has a completely different way of getting there.  The same methodology can be applied to your hiring process.  How do candidates apply?  Do you require them to apply online using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher?  Or can you accommodate different preferences and requirements?

Before you give your online application process the thumbs up, check to make sure that it is accommodating.

  • Can candidates apply on various web browsers?  If not, are you alienating the Mac users that prefer Safari or the rebels using Chrome or Firefox?
  • Can candidates apply using various mediums such as the web, smart phone and/or telephone with interactive voice response (IVR)?
  • Does your online process meet 508 compliance regulations?
  • If an applicant has a question or issue, can they get a hold of anyone?

As the user experience takes the forefront to the online application process, it is more important than ever that you accommodate all candidates.

If you want to learn more about creating an “Accommodating” career site, please visit

One thought on “Be Accommodating During the Candidate Experience

  1. I am not a techie and I never would have considered these matters. Very helpful.

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