Avoid the BSOD in the Candidate Experience

In my opinion, the best feature that Word introduced was auto-recovery.  Back in the old days when you would be working on a project and receive the blue screen of death (BSOD) you would lose everything.  And I mean everything.  Appropriately named, the BSOD would force you to restart.  Hours of hard work would be lost in a moment.  Goodbye 40 page marketing project!  Thankfully, the appearance of the BSOD has diminished and Microsoft has built in additional tools to safeguard your precious document from the black hole of data never land.  One noteworthy feature is Microsoft Word’s auto-recovery of documents.

In your online application process, how do you overcome the BSOD, not to mention computer errors, connectivity issues, and applicant distractions?  Does your online application process auto-save the applicant’s information as they progress?  Can applicants save often?  Can they return at a later time?

myStaffingPro recommends that you:

  • Keep forms short
  • Save on every page
  • Provide functionality to return at a later time
  • Invite incomplete applicants to return

If you want to learn more about creating a candidate friendly career site, please visit “http://mystaffingpro.com/whitepapers.aspx“.

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