10 Ways to Source your Applicant Tracking System

Sometimes the answer is right under your nose.  (Hats off to those that made Movemeber a success!)

In recruiting we can’t all grow mustaches, but we can look at the applicant pool “just under our noses”.  I pulled statistics on our myStaffingPro applicant tracking client base, and I found that our 500 plus clients have more than 13 million applicants.  That is 24,904 applicants each.


Instead of treating your applicant tracking system like a black hole, utilize the plethora of information you already have to fill your new job opening!

10 Ways to Source your Applicant Tracking System:

  1. Run a skill-based keyword search on your resumes
  2. Explore applicants that advanced through the hiring process for a similar position but didn’t make the final cut
  3. Search for applicants that applied to a higher level position that they were under qualified for
  4. Conversely, search for applicants that applied to a position that they were overqualified for
  5. Review applicants that applied to the same opening at another location
  6. Research the applicants’ responses to previous prescreening questions
  7. Explore your job notification subscription list
  8. Review hiring manager feedback from previous interviews
  9. Check the credentials of your priority or “star” applicants
  10. Reach out to previous employees (those that left on good terms, of course)

Once you’ve sourced your applicant tracking system, simply send your selected applicants an email invitation to apply for the new opening!

Next on the list: Plan a trip to the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships in Las Vegas

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