The Award Goes To….Midmark!

We are not the Academy, and this is not the Oscars, but myStaffingPro is honoring the best!  On Thursday, myStaffingPro will present Midmark Corporation with the 2011 High Touch Job Seeker award.  The award celebrates Midmark’s attention to hiring best practices by treating candidates “like gold”.

Selection Process

  1. Open nominations were accepted from the client services managers
  2. Next, a website and hiring process review was completed by the selection committee using the “10 Essential Strategies for Making your Career Site Usable”.
  3. Then, recommendations were made by certified usability analyst, Jennifer Brogee
  4. Finally, the selection committee presented their findings and rankings to the executive team for the final selection

When the votes were tabulated, Midmark was the clear winner. (Next time, we’ll have to ask our client, PWC, to tally the votes!)

Award Ceremony

To celebrate, myStaffingPro is honoring Midmark at a presentation dinner on January 12thAs an attendee, I’ll be sashaying in something much more traditional than Bjork’s famous swan dress, but the ceremony will still be one to remember.

To learn more about creating a user friendly job seeker experience, please visit

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