Go Social to Get Hires

According the Ventana Research Study “Social Media in Recruiting: Using New Channels to Source Talent“, more than one-third (38%) of companies are not confident in the effectiveness of their social recruiting processes.

Determined to prove the effectiveness of social media I pulled the sourcing reports for our customer, Midmark Corporation.

Applicants Percentage of total
Facebook 26 < 1%
LinkedIn 178 2.4%
Twitter 1 < 1%

At first glance, these numbers are not overly impressive. Upon closer review,  it is apparent that the traffic from these FREE social media sites brought in more applicants than:

  • Newspapers
  • College/Universities
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • Agencies
  • Community Organizations
  • Radio/TV Ads

In addition, a few candidates from Facebook were hired.  As with the overall traffic, the number of candidates hired from social media exceeded those hired from newspapers, direct mail, career fairs, community organizations, or radio.  Although social media is just a small fraction of their candidate traffic it is still an effective medium to attract hires.  To learn more about social recruiting, please visit http://www.mystaffingpro.com/social-recruiting.aspx.

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