Using Social Media to Recruit Applicants

Although social media started out as a tool for non-business communication, it has rapidly exploded onto the business scene. Today, social media is not only a tool for branding and customer communication but is also an excellent tool for acquiring new talent. As a new recruiting media, it brings a number of advantages and challenges for every aspect of the process ranging from sourcing resumes to applicant tracking.  If your business is like many others, it has gotten its toes wet in the social media recruiting arena by posting a few job ads and looking at recruits’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages for insight on who they are and what they do. However, you can go a lot farther with social media.

Social media makes it easier for your company to hire people who match the company’s culture. Simply having existing employees telegraph your company’s hiring needs will bring more applicants, as will posting about your company’s hiring needs. Since social media can bring in more applications with less effort, it frees up time to spend on interviewing candidates to find people who will be the best fit for your company’s culture. In the long run, this will save time and money since employees that are fully vetted through this process will be quicker to train and easier to retain.

Social media changes applicant tracking, as well.  Existing tracking and human resources systems are typically not social media-compatible. This means that good candidates slip through the cracks before the cross the line from social media to face-to-face meetings. Luckily, new tools are becoming available to automate the social media hiring process from job postings all of the way through following applicants. This will also help to make social media more effective as a hiring tool.

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