Using Twitter to Attract Applicants

The importance of social media in recruitment strategy has increased exponentially in the past five years, expanding from the auxiliary placement of material on jobseeker sites and networks into a modern form that uses ad placement and even direct contact with candidates. Twitter prevails as the most popular short-form of social media that places companies and recruitment professionals in touch with more than 300 million users, per their July 2011 membership figures.

Research on the use of social media for professional purposes shows that 58 percent of companies today make use of the web for sourcing applicants, and 49 percent of them allot the majority of their recruitment strategy specifically on posting job opportunities. Given these figures, it is essential for human resources professionals to coordinate with communications experts to cultivate a high degree of effective job marketing, including crafting 140-character tweets that expose well-written job opportunities to as wide an audience as possible.

Social media relies on the effective placement of permissive marketing materials, or items that the user follows at their interest (rather than being interrupted, such as with radio spots or pop-up ads). Twitter is a low-cost, high-impact medium for reaching an already-captive audience, as a user elects which feeds to follow. When a user follows the feed of a company that then tweets links to a job opportunity, that user is more likely to read and apply for the position than if the job listing is placed in a less interactive medium; that user may also share the tweet with their followers, thus leading to more applicants and facilitating sourcing strategies.

Social media in recruitment has evolved from a novel concept to a business necessity. Twitter provides a great yield of applicants per job posting and maintaining a feed, as well as promoting the job across other social media, is a simple process that no longer requires specialized training, as most social media tools include tutorials and are easy to learn before incorporating their use with a successful recruitment strategy.

Interested in using Twitter to attract applicants?  Contact us to learn about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system and our social media functionality.

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