Create an Employment Brand

Social media is everywhere.   Whether via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and/or another vehicle, everyone seems to be employing social media.  Even those who have resisted using the various platforms find that both personal and business interaction requires, at the very least, a working knowledge of this phenomenon.Interestingly, competence in social media has become increasingly important in the employment arena, from acquisition of talent to retention of human capital.  An estimated 80% of companies use or plan to use social media to source employment candidates and, of those, 95% use LinkedIn, 59% use Facebook and 42% use Twitter.  The utilization of social media to source, recruit, track and onboard applicants is, therefore, prudent and increasingly necessary when creating an employment brand.

The amount of information generated by social media adds to the overall volume of data companies must organize, use and store in an era characterized by information overload (e.g., the daily New York Times contains as much factual content as someone living during the 17th Century processed during an entire lifetime).   This information glut creates the need, therefore, for effective applicant tracking software.

Applicant tracking is a key component of any social media program.  Why?  Because applicant tracking assists recruiters and employers alike in gauging the effectiveness of recruitment strategy.   When an organization utilizes an applicant tracking system that is fully integrated across all social media platforms, it becomes possible to measure how effective the efforts to brand that organization have been.

The use of social media for any organization will be a cost-effective process so long as the following five things are considered:

  1. Online presence must be carefully designed and flawlessly executed.  While most see a website solely as a way to attract customers, it is actually also a highly effective tool to attract potential employees.
  2. As mentioned, fully integrate across all social media platforms.
  3. Establish links to like minded groups and online communities.  This will reinforce not only your brand but the perception of its relevance.
  4. Subject your web presence, online applications and applicant tracking to regularly scheduled legal review as well as when making any changes.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   For recruiting purposes, language relevant to the position or industry is necessary to ensure that any internet search by prospective applicants leads to your URL.

Social media in recruiting is a relatively new channel to source talent.  Applicant tracking is one way to make sure its right for you.

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