Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

It’s no secret that social media is on the rise. Internet users are implementing websites like Facebook for a plethora of reasons, and searching for jobs has become commonplace. In fact, nearly 50 percent of job searchers have used Facebook for finding a job within the last year. Consequently, Facebook is now considered to be an extremely effective way for a business to recruit talent.  Two ways to recruit talent on Facebook includes creating a job page and launching a pay-per-click campaign.

Creating a job page on Facebook is one way a recruiter can use social media to get his position in front of the eyes of potential talent.  The job page can provide information about working at your company, listing of openings, and provide the opportunity to apply.  Another method is to create pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Facebook. Using social media in this manner costs an initial investment, but is usually extremely efficient for pinpointing specific professionals for a job position. Essentially, this works by a recruiter setting up a PPC campaign where he selects the audience for whom the ads are shown to.

For example, he could set a campaign to only show job ads to individuals with a master’s degree in a certain field. He could also make it so the ads are only shown to people within a particular geographical region. Being able to place these types of filters on ads helps a recruiter increase the odds that the job searchers who click on ads are qualified and suitable applicants. As a result, this often helps a recruiter see quick results and pick the best candidate for a given job.

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