29 Reasons to Love myStaffingPro ATS

Recruiting features

  1. Social media tools to share job openings and provide one-click access to apply from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  2. Job distribution to search engines and more than 25,000 partner sites
  3. Network building through employee referrals and vast communication tools
  4. Career site branding, optimization, and accessibility through multiple web browsers and mobile devices
  5. Tracking for print and event recruiting initiatives
  6. Specific internal candidate portal and prescreening process
  7. Ability to regulate the number of applicants that can apply to a job opening
  8. Tool to record and import resumes into myStaffingPro

Qualification features

  1. Robust administrative interface to build online application processes with  prescreening questions, sourcing data collection, voluntary submission of EEO data, resume and document collection, and a comprehensive online application
  2. Ability to invite candidates to self-schedule an interview from a list of available appointments
  3. Integrations with background and/or behavioral assessment vendors
  4. Guide to administer and record the interview process

Tracking and compliance features

  1. Structured applicant workflow
  2. E-Verify integration
  3. WOTC integration
  4. Compliance management tools with EEO collection and reporting, an affirmative action adverse impact analysis report, and reason codes
  5. Hiring process workflow reports
  6. Robust sourcing reports
  7. Unlimited Ad Hoc reporting functionality
  8. Metrics reports that calculate time-to-fill, aging, and sub cycle data

Hiring features

  1. HRIS integration that eliminates duplicate data entry
  2. Offer approval process with eSignature
  3. Onboarding with eSignature

User access/administration features

  1. Requisition management and automated requisition approval
  2. Centralized document management and history
  3. Customization opportunities through fields, documents, and forms
  4. Hiring manager/recruiter security level and portal
  5. Third party recruiter/vendor user portal
  6. Automated hiring manager feedback process

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