5 Reasons Why Employees Should Have Access to Social Media

For the past decade, social media has undergone an evolution few could have predicted. The earliest form of social media was the chat room, where web-savvy friends could connect with one another based on topic, location and more.This led to an understandable bias from management against employees who used social media. However, social media is no longer a virtual toy that steals concentration from professionals on the clock. Here is a look at five reasons to allow or even promote using social media in the workplace.

1. Improved Productivity

The productivity of most modern jobs requires an aptitude for sitting at a computer for long periods of time. The absence of physical stimulus yields an increased likelihood of attention span reduction, so any time it is impractical to organize in-office exercise or manual labor, it actually improves productivity to allow employees the chance to check their social media between tasks. The social activity will provide a quick stimulus charge, then provoke the feeling that they need to get back to work.

2. Recruitment Use

Social networks and media both play a vital role in modern recruitment. This means employees should have access to sites and networks that assist in the development of a strong core team. It also helps connect human resource staff to the best incoming talent in a way interviews do not (a less formal way to learn about a potential hire).

3. Industry-Specific Use

Any journalist, web designer, marketing consultant or related professional will need social media access to be effective. Naturally, this means allowing them to use social networks should be a given, rather than a cause for censure.

4. Promotion of Team Energy

Any time team building is a focus, social media allows employees to get in touch and develop trust very quickly. IT also helps employees develop honest awareness of one another’s competencies, which in turn means that identifying specialists is easier. Rather than having to rotate employees to find the best for a given task,  employees and managers can learn who excels and who struggles with a given task if they have more informal time to learn about one another.

5. Foster a Friendly Environment

The modern workplace is bound to have its ups and downs. Accepting that social media is part of modern life is critical, so rather than fight it like a curmudgeon, embrace it and build rapport with employees.

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