The Uphill Battle: 5 Ways to Use Your ATS for Good

The applicant tracking industry is being slaughtered in the press. Why? Because so many people are focusing on the automated resume ranking and parsing of keywords. Of the hundreds of features in an applicant tracking system, why is everyone so focused on this one piece? Because of the candidate experience.  The candidates are speaking out, and they don’t like what is happening. They feel that they were wrongly deselected and that they were not provided with any acknowledgement or follow-up.  Instead of letting your candidates fall into a black hole, use your applicant tracking system for good by treating candidates like gold.

5 Ways to Use Your ATS for Good:

  1. Recognize that resume ranking and parsing does not provide the entire picture. Instead, ask the candidate to complete prescreening questions. Allow them to respond to open-ended questions about their skills and fit at your organization.
  2. Rethink your ranking system from resume keywords to prescreening responses.
  3. Use the ranking information as a guide, not an absolute. Instead, allow the applicant tracking software to only deselect candidates that do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position. (Not the suggested qualifications)
  4. Acknowledge the applicant. Thank them for their time, and let them know what the next steps are in the hiring process
  5. Follow up often. Create email communication associated with your hiring process and send the candidates updates as you move them through or deselect them from the hiring process.

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