5 Reasons Why Mega-Software Isn’t Better

The talent management industry is abuzz with new acquisitions and mergers. The hot trend is that bigger is better.  However, much like my waistline, I find that too much isn’t always a good thing.

5 Reasons Why Bigger Isn’t Better:

  1. Just because the software is listed under the same name, it  doesn’t mean that it is one system or that the integrations are fluid.
  2. Mega-software systems aren’t specialists in anything.  Instead of getting the best system, you might be settling for one that is mediocre in everything.
  3. Help at the software mega-system disappears before the ink is dry on your contract.  More often than not, your implementation is shuffled through multiple people.
    • Mandy is your recruitment specialist.  She doesn’t know anything about our HRIS or what fields map, so don’t even ask.
    • Bob is your go-to for HRIS. Bob is on the west coast and works part time.
    • Nancy can help with payroll.  Assuming Bob and Mandy have set up the previous modules correctly you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  It’s only payroll!
    • Employee performance is handled by Amy. Amy doesn’t work at our company.  We actually acquired our employee performance system and since no one knows it, we’ve outsourced the implementation process to a third party.
    • Post implementation, their extensions will magically disappear from our phone directly and you’ll have to wander your way through our automated system for help.  Enjoy!
  4. Unless you are a mega-company, the mega-software system doesn’t care about you.  You aren’t even a bleep on their radar.
  5. Mega-software requires mega-money.  These systems have commitments to stockholders, boards, venture capitalists, etc. to fulfill their interests.  Conversely, self-sufficient companies like myStaffingPro rely on their customers.  Which means you pay our salaries, therefore we work for you and use your feedback to make improvements.

Looking for an applicant tracking system that specializes in just that?  Visit http://mystaffingpro.com to learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.

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