10 Tips to Achieve a High Touch Candidate Experience

Improve your candidate experience during the hiring process with these 10 tips:

1 Treat your candidates like gold with unlimited application support through live chat, telephone, email, and a self-help wizard.
2 Accommodate every candidate with 24/7 access to apply through a mobile phone, Facebook app, or internet browser.
Build Rapport
3 Introduce your company with information and videos about your vision, values, culture, benefits, expectations, or “a day in the life”.
4 Prepare candidates to complete the online process by detailing the items needed and the expected timeline for completion.
5 Set expectations for the hiring process by outlining each step and providing an estimated timeline for following up.
6 Streamline the online application process and reduce duplicate data entry with tools to upload and parse resumes and social media profiles.
7 Reduce candidate fatigue and improve completion rates with a tiered application process that collects what you need when you need it.
8 Avoid the perception of a black hole by acknowledging the candidate, thanking them, and confirming the receipt of their application.
9 Follow up often with an array of communication tools at various touch points. Utilize email, social media, RSS feeds, and share tools to provide updates and keep communication lines open.
Self Service
10 Empower candidates with functionality to update their contact information and check the status of their application at any time.

myStaffingPro is a proud sponsor of the Candidate Experience Awards.  To learn more about the high touch candidate experience and how to apply it to your hiring process, please go to http://mystaffingpro.com.

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