Don’t play Hide and Seek with Job Seekers!

Full disclosure, I am not a website developer and I do not claim to be!

In the process of helping clients configure the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, I have the opportunity to view a lot of websites. Specifically, I look at the “Careers” section of an organization’s website and how easy it is for an applicant to make it to the application process. I like to see the different approaches that are being used. This allows me to give my clients ideas and examples when asked.

Many sites have common navigation elements that are expected by visitors. For example, navigation bars at the top and left side of the screens and footer with navigation links. However, organizations differ on where the link to the “Careers” or “Employment” section of the website is placed. Some only place a small link in the footer section of the page. Others have a section in a navigation menu or as an option in a drop-down menu from a navigation bar. Finally, others have a prominent section of the home page dedicated to a “Careers” link, allowing the applicant to move directly to the employment section of the site.

You might be asking, “What’s the big deal? It doesn’t matter how our site is designed or how difficult is for applicants to get to our application process.” Or you might say, “Our organization exists to deliver XYZ service or ABC product. That’s what our home page is for, not to advertise our employment opportunities.” Ask yourself this in response, “In what other parts of our business do we not care about improving processes and making it easier for those involved?” If you had the opportunity to make it easier for your customers to order by simplifying your website would you? Also, sure your website’s home page should be a reflection of the organization and convey what “you’re all about.” Your employees are the DNA of your organization though.

So here’s my challenge; improve your website today by making the link to the “Careers” section more prominent on the homepage. If there’s only a small employment link in the footer of the website, put an option in the navigation bars. If it is already part of the navigation bars, add a prominent feature on the homepage.

One thought on “Don’t play Hide and Seek with Job Seekers!

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