What’s Your Buying Experience?

I recently wanted to get my nails done.  My choices in our mid-sized city are:

  • Fancy salon with soothing music
  • Elbow-to-elbow cheap and minimal experience in the mall
  • New no name place

What did I choose? 

I asked around to see if anyone had been to the “new no name place”.  No one had, and we couldn’t find any information about it online.  – FAIL

I called the elbow-to-elbow cheap and minimal experience in the mall and they don’t take appointments.  I would have to drive across town and take my chances that I wouldn’t have to sit there forever in a fog of artificial nail fumes. – FAIL

I called the fancy salon and they could not squeeze me in. – FAIL


What’s your experience with applicant tracking systems?  Did you select the fancy solution with all the bells and whistles, the cheap and quick solution, the newbie, or did you find exactly what you were looking for?  For assistance on selecting the best applicant tracking system, download our application tracking evaluation toolkit.

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