How Many Clicks to Apply?

Click…Click…Click…Click…Click…. This can go on and on and ON!

Searching and applying online for jobs should be made simple and easy for job seekers. Instead of five or even six clicks just to reach an available position, maintaining a one to two click transition with no registration required will make job seekers happier and more willing to continue on with the application process.

Even though reducing clicks is important, Jennifer Brogee, the CIO of myStaffingPro, states that “It is also important to keep the application process thorough enough so that hiring professionals can make an appropriate decision.”

Bob Schulte, CEO of myStaffingPro, believes that “making the job seeker experience friendly and easy will reduce the time to fill a position.” In addition, your company’s human resource department will also find it easier to fill an opening and search through a larger number of relevant applicants.

Not only is it important to keep the job seeker or applicant interested in the company’s application process, but it is also important to have them experience the company’s brand, culture, and environment. Bob expresses how myStaffingPro focuses on this when implementing their applicant tracking system, “We’ve been focused on this since 1998. We see the applicant experience as an extension of the company brand, and we hold this to be very important. We want to carry the good feeling about the company into the recruiting process.”

For any company using an online application tracking system or process, it’s vital to understand what those job seekers want from you. A usable, friendly, and efficient job portal will be beneficial to your applicants and your company, providing user satisfaction while promoting your company’s brand, culture, and environment makes this a good day for everyone involved.

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