Talent Management: Suite or Standalone

Talent management software combines human resources practices and information technology to facilitate recruiters and managers in providing HR functions to employees, applicants, and to the organization as a whole. Due to the widespread use of human resources software, numerous applications have been developed. Most of them can be broadly categorized into standalone software or a suite of applications. For most companies, the choice between a standalone system and a suite depends on their operations. However, there are many advantages of using a standalone human resources software system that the organization can tap into.


Firstly, standalone human resources software is simple to implement and easy to use. It is perfect for businesses that want to automate only some parts of their HR processes. In addition, it provides the flexibility to add-on more standalone applications at a later point as the need arises. This is better than buying a suite that comes with numerous applications that the company may not need immediately, or at all. Also, standalone human resources software is less complicated and more user-friendly.


Another advantage is the cost. Most standalone human resources software cost a lot less than a suite. In most suites, the company pays for a bunch of software that they may or may not use and they have to pay an exorbitant price for it; whereas with standalone software they pay for only what is used.

Operating Environment

A standalone human resources software can be web-based. So, the company does not have to spend additional money and resources in procuring server systems and databases.


If desired, multiple standalone systems can be integrated to create a best-in-breed talent management system. Using this mentality, companies can connect their talent acquisition system to their HRIS, performance management, and learning system of their choice rather than relying on the functionality of one vendor.

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