At Your Service

As a SaaS applicant tracking system, we are continuously upgrading and improving the system to achieve better results.  A side effect is the occasional support request.  These support requests come in all shapes, sizes, and level of importance.  They can range from user created issues such as miscommunication, forgotten password, incorrect message/email, or system hiccups.  Thankfully, myStaffingPro’s product development team has kept these nuances to a minimum and has a thorough process for reviewing and when necessary correcting the requests in a timely manner.

Impressive Stats:

  • 100% resolved
  • Average closure in 1.1 days
  • Less than 30 minutes of unscheduled downtime in the last 5 years

“I really appreciate the prompt response we received. Client service staff are very responsive. An exceptional performance in today’s business environment. You guys are the greatest!” – Lifesteps

“I’ve gotten tremendous customer service from Amy Mormon (our contact with MSP) when dealing with some technological issues…she’s great!” – Columbia Distributing

Are you looking for an applicant tracking system that is “at your service”?  Visit to learn more about our technical, support, and implementation services that we provide to our customers.

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