Top 10 Examples of Applicant Tracking Baggage

Do you suffer from applicant tracking baggage?  Applicant tracking baggage is any issue(s) that if left unresolved is detrimental to the hiring process.

Applicant tracking baggage can be categorized into candidate or user baggage.  The top 5 causes of applicant tracking baggage for candidates consist of:

  1. Confusing navigation that gets them nowhere
  2. Forcing them to enter the same information multiple times
  3. Drawn-out application process that asks for non-relevant information
  4. Lack of communication that leaves them guessing
  5. Failure to offer support

Are you guilty of contributing to the applicant tracking baggage experienced by candidates?  Learn how to cut loose your baggage with our 10 Tips to Achieve a High Touch Candidate Experience.

Users collect applicant tracking baggage because of:

  1. Overwhelming interface that is cluttered with “tools” not in use
  2. Lack of functionality that requires a dual manual process be maintained
  3. Inability to search for applicants by work history, education, and resume data
  4. System processes and/or workarounds that add steps to the hiring process
  5. Lack of assistance or training by the applicant tracking vendor

Stop the suffering!  Make the switch to myStaffingPro applicant tracking system and learn how you can be baggage free.

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