Part 1: Delivering a Remarkable Candidate Experience

Are you remarkable?  Absolutely!

What about your candidate experience?

Transform your candidate experience and make it remarkable by applying the same usability principles used in E-Commerce.  Start by reviewing your hiring process and identifying the obstacles the candidate faces while trying to convert, or in this case, apply for a position.

  • Does your career site answer, “What’s In It For Me”?
  • Does it communicate why someone should pick you?  Expand on the content in your careers section to include testimonials and videos about the  company culture, benefits, and mission.
  • Is there one-click access to apply?  Make the button big, bold, and beautiful.
  • Answer “now what?”  Is it clear what you are asking them to do, how they need to do it, and what happens next?
  • Do they have to type everything in?  How frustrating!  Provide functionality to parse their contact information from a social profile, and/or resume parsing to fill in an application.
  • Provide help via telephone, email, support wizard, live chat; SOMETHING.

myStaffingPro is proud to be a silver sponsor of The Candidate Experience Awards.  For more information about The Candidate Experience Awards, please go to  To learn how to improve the candidate experience, please download myStaffingPro’s free guide Six Steps to Creating a Positive Application Experience.

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