Part 2: Delivering a Remarkable Candidate Experience

Welcome back!  In Part 1: Delivering a Remarkable Candidate Experience, we discussed 6 ways to review your hiring process and identify the obstacles candidates face while trying to apply.  This time around, we’ll discuss how to keep them happy once they’ve applied.

5 Questions to Answer to Provide a Remarkable Candidate Experience Post – Application

  1. Dude, where’s my application?
    Once they’ve submitted an application, send them a confirmation message to confirm that it is complete and has been received.
  2. Have you made a decision?  No? How about, now?  Now? Now?
    Reduce your call volume and provide piece of mind by informing candidates when you are going to follow-up, and actually DO IT.
  3. How can I check in?
    Empower candidates with functionality to update their contact information and check the status of their application at any time.
  4. Hello?  Is anyone out there?
    Provide a hotline, email address, or live chat functionality for the candidate to contact a real person.
  5. Did you forget about me?
    Avoid the black hole perception by creating a continuous email workflow.  Utilize an email workflow to keep the candidates engaged and informed as you move them through the hiring process.

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