Recruit Like a Dream with myStaffingPro 13.3

Since 1999, we have been perfecting the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  Thirteen years later, the system is still kicking butt by processing data, and providing a system of record to manage applicants and the hiring workflow.  Our latest release, 13.3, is focused on usability, rather than new gadgets.  Our CIO, and certified usability analyst, Jennifer Brogee forged the product development team into releasing usability enhancements for both the candidate experience and the user interface.

Candidates who are applying for positions at companies using myStaffingPro applicant tracking software will benefit from redesigned education and work history collection screens.  The design features:

  • Singular navigation that guides candidates to the next section
  • One-click access to edit or remove entries that were parsed from a resume or social networking profile

The new Add Requisition functionality provides one-click access to:

  • Select the preferred option to copy an existing requisition or create a new one
  • View all job descriptions available for use
  • Review and edit the job description template before applying it to the requisition
  • Preview the job-specific prescreening questions assigned to the job description
  • Change the set of prescreening questions assigned to the requisition

Want to see it for yourself?  Learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system 13.3 at

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