5 Must Have ATS Emails

Ah, automation. It has become a byword in our busy society. From coffee makers which come on automatically to greet you with a hot cup of joe first thing in the morning, to the door locking mechanisms on today’s cars which ensure you don’t drive off with a door unlocked.  Automation is everywhere. And it indeed makes our life easier and allows us to focus on the things we feel are most important. The same concept applies to your applicant tracking system emails. Why do you need to constantly concern yourself with questions like “Did I email the hiring manager for that position?” or “Am I sure that all of the applicants who requested notifications on new job opportunities were contacted?”  You’ve got more important things to do, so let’s look at the top 5 must have applicant tracking emails.

1) Alerting an applicant that their application is not complete. Nothing is more frustrating for a potential applicant than to apply online for a position, and then wait, and wait for some kind of response only to find out they won’t ever be considered because their app is incomplete.  Remedy this by creating an automatic incomplete email that not only lets them know that the application is incomplete, but provides a link to return to the application and complete it.

2) Keeping the applicant informed of their progress through the hiring process.  Building upon  number 1, it is just as frustrating for applicants to hear nothing once the application is complete. No one wants to be kept waiting for days or weeks to find out if they are eligible for an interview. And there is also the very real risk that a highly qualified candidate could go to the competition because they have heard nothing since their initial application and therefore considered their opportunities null and void.  Overcome this by utilizing your applicant tracking system to send automated email communication throughout the hiring process.

3) Keeping the applicants aware of new job openings.  With today’s information overload it is difficult for a potential applicant to continually check back with a company to look for new job openings. Even though they may not be qualified or interested in the current opening(s) who’s to say that they are not eminently qualified for an opening down the road.  Meet this need by creating opt-in email subscriptions for applicants to be notified when a new job opening is posted that meets their criteria.

4) Contacting hiring managers for requisition approval.   When the HR department develops a new requisition it is important to keep the hiring managers in the loop during the development of the requisition. With the approval process automated (including reminders for those who tend to procrastinate on such things) the HR professional can rest assured that this part of the requisition process is cooking away without their needing to babysit it.

5) Keeping Hiring Managers advised of the applicant’s status. In addition to hiring, managers have the daily responsibilities of running their department or departments. It is important that their thoughts and decisions regarding the potential applicants are communicated quickly to the HR professional and that the hiring manager knows the information has been received and is being acted upon.

And there you have it, 5 must have automated emails for your ATS. You’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of people to keep in touch with. Why not take advantage of automation to make that a little easier for you?

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