Implementation Frustrations

I can now fully understand your implementation frustrations. As the Director of Marketing, I’m trying to implement software to assist with our website.   Given my experience, I thought that I could handle implementing this software no problem.  (I mean, we implement hundreds of myStaffingPro applicant tracking clients a year, and they get along just fine.  In addition, I tackled our CRM.  How different can it be?)  However, one pitiful implementation later, and I’m PRAISING our client services team for their hands on approach with our clients.  Below, I’ve outlined what we offer our customers at myStaffingPro versus my experience with this new marketing website software.


Marketing Website Software

(My Experience)

Introduction Joint call with the salesperson, dedicated client services manager, and the administrative user(s)
Login to a “resource” platform with a long checklist of items that I need to complete on my own before they “check in” on me in a month.
Implementation 4+ hours INDIVIDUAL administrative training with step-by-step assistance on configuring the applicant tracking system. (There is still some homework, but at least you know what you’re doing before it is assigned) Self-guided with assistance from the help database.
Training 2+ hours of user training where you can invite as many individuals as you’d like to attend the training session for YOUR COMPANY on YOUR configuration. Weekly group training sessions are provided when it is convenient to them. Because it is a group setting, they do not accept questions, and it is not specific to your process.  Also, it is presented in PowerPoint.
Point of
1 salesperson, 1 client services manager.
Multiple contacts at various email addresses. Whom am I supposed to reach out to??? Who is this new person you just threw into the mix? What is happening!!!
Live chat Live chat is available Monday through Friday by our tier 1 support team. If you have a quick question, they have a quick answer. None
Toll Free Assistance Quick question? No problem. Contact our tier 1 support team using our 800 number to get a quick answer. None
Templates and best practices guides
Get started on the right foot with templates, guides, and preloaded data. Utilize our knowledge base to configure the system and maximize its potential.
The system is completely blank. Using the help database as a guide, I can haphazardly add, delete, and start over to my heart’s content. After the 3rd time, I’m not amused. When the system is slow and doesn’t reflect my changes, I’m even less so.

My advice would be to go with the software that offers support. Sometimes a helping hand is exactly what you need, and when it is not available, disaster strikes.

myStaffingPro was rated the #1 Talent Management Software for Quality of Service by HRO Today. For more information on myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, please visit

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