Put the Applicant in Applicant Tracking Systems

Recently, I saw a comment on Twitter that applicant tracking systems should be renamed into requisition tracking systems.  Really?  There is so much more to applicant tracking systems than the requisition.

To prove it, I bring you 5 things that put the applicant in applicant tracking systems:

  1. Array of communication tools at various touch points.  Utilize email, social media, RSS feeds, and share tools to provide updates and keep communication lines open.
  2. Accommodating application process that can be completed when it is convenient to the applicant, on the device and browser of their choice.
  3. Acknowledgement!  Applicant tracking systems acknowledge that the application is complete and can provide information on the next steps in the hiring process.
  4. Access to update information.  Moved?  Have a new phone?  No problem!  Applicants enjoy self-service functionality that enables them to return to the application process and update their contact information.
  5. Information.  Applicant tracking systems provide functionality to check the status of their application at any time.

myStaffingPro is a sponsor of the Candidate Experience Awards.  To learn how you can put the applicant in applicant tracking systems, download our white paper on Six Steps to Creating a Positive Application Experience.

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