5 Tips to Avoid Smoke and Mirrors

5 Tips to Avoid Buying Applicant Tracking Software that is all “Smoke and Mirrors”:

1) Check the vendor’s career section to see if they use their own applicant tracking software.  I was amazed at how many ATS had email addresses for resume submittal.

2) If they tout social media in recruiting, do they even have a presence on those sites?

3) Check their customers’ website to see if their career section is still powered by the ATS.  The big fancy fortune 100 company they advertise as a customer may not be using the applicant tracking software that you are considering; instead, they might be a performance management customer.  Or, they may have left the vendor completely for greener pastures.

4) Don’t buy it before you try it.

5) Look at the contract with a fine toothed comb.  Dig into it to make sure that it lists exactly what the system does; including a definition of the configuration that you purchased.

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