Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Recruiting techniques using social media employs an entirely different approach than that of traditional recruiting methods. There is a vast cyber landscape of thousands of job seekers and passive applicants to tap into, who are all using the Internet.

Facebook Social Media Business Profile

First and foremost, ensure that the company or business recruitment page is designed well on Facebook. This can be accomplished by ensuring that:

  • A Facebook business or careers page is created, using proper guidelines.
  • The Facebook business social media page is regularly viewed, updated and revised as appropriate.
  • Plenty of engaging content, photos, events and videos to entice prospective candidates is included.
  • Ads are created and used with the Facebook account.
  • Statistics are tracked for both the Facebook social media page and the ads.

Facebook Content Recruitment Strategies

  • Develop the best web content and information possible that speaks to the business environment to which you want to attract recruits. The best talent will respond to the most relevant information that job seekers and professionals desire.Emphasize how working with the company will benefit the applicant, such as competitive salaries, flexible work environments and growth capability. Put all of this information in social media blogs, articles and on other social media sites and then connect it to the main Facebook hub.
  • Interact with fans. Respond to each and every request. When a particular comment seems relevant or useful, validate it by continuing the conversation.Post regular status updates, but refrain from bombarding fans with too many news feeds. Pull the information about fans into a separate document for possible use in future recruitment efforts and for other social media marketing efforts.
  • Designate a specific person to respond to fans for consistency. This can also create a more personal approach so that potential candidates can get a glimpse into what it might be like to work at the company.
  • Post pictures. Use photos from the company workplace and events. This will give potential applicants a feel of what kind of environment they may work in.Candidates could have a more serious interest in your company, when connected with visual images. Photos can also inspire more social media interaction. Use and monitor Facebook Insights to determine the most popular posts.
  • Include creative videos that describe what it is like to work at the company, with actual employees whenever possible. Highlight the main advantages associated with working in that environment.

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