5 Tips to Provide a Better Job Description

Companies can experience issues attracting applicants for several reasons, but for some, the biggest issue is not providing a clear job description.

To help you out, I’ve outlined 5 important tips to deliver a better job description:

  1. The job title should be optimized for search engines (SEO). Meaning, you should use words that applicants are going to search for and not guggly gunk marketing speak.
  2. The job description should be clear and differentiated from other openings.  It should also outline the tasks that the employee will be performing, and provide the employment status, hours, and travel requirements.
  3. Requirements should carefully explain the qualifications and skills required.
  4. Content should use real words!  Don’t force candidates into a guessing game on your acronyms.
  5. Tell them about you!  Why should they apply?  What it is like to work there?  Who works there that they might know?

Still stuck?  Interview someone in the position.  Then, post the interview with the job description.  The result is a recruiting goldmine that creates a personal connection and builds trust.  Happy recruiting!

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