Show Your Company’s True Colors

What’s a rainbow without all of its colors? What happens to ROY G BIV without the Y, the G, or even the V??? A company can’t be successful or stand a chance against its competitors unless it shines bright with all of its colors.  The same applies to your online application process.  When it comes to job applicants and applying for companies online, it is important for a company to show its true colors.

“..A job applicant should leave the process of applying for a job with a good feeling about the company, and a solid awareness of the company brand,” stated our  CEO Bob Schulte.

As an applicant tracking vendor, we understand the importance of the candidate experience.  Customers can utilize myStaffingPro to build their online presence with a branded search screen that includes videos, pictures, and day-in-the life information.  In fact, we encourage you to leave behind bad stock photography and use your actual employees in pictures and videos!

Showing your company’s true colors enables the job applicant to picture what it would be like to work for your company. The feel, the look, and the overall experience are just a few things that allow those job applicants to understand your company’s culture, giving them a better understanding of what is expected.

Want to learn more about the candidate experience?  Download our free whitepaper Six Steps to Creating a Positive Application Experience.

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