Sneak Peek into New myStaffingPro Onboarding System

Young RacoonYesterday I got a sneak peek at the new myStaffingPro onboarding, and I have to say, I’m IMPRESSED! Our current onboarding process has always been good, but this new release provides more management tools so that adjustments can be made more readily.

In addition, the candidate experience is off the charts. First of all, say goodbye to Adobe! Previously, the Adobe Reader was required to view onboarding documents before electronically signing them. Unfortunately, this requirement would slow down candidates who didn’t have this software installed and would negatively impact the onboarding process. The rejuvenated system doesn’t require anything more than an internet browser (just like the online application process)!  Success!!

Programming then one-upped the candidate experience by including a progress sidebar.  The sidebar denotes where the candidate is in the onboarding process and provides a visual guide to the upcoming steps.  The result is a user friendly experience that improves the time-to-completion.

In the upcoming months, keep an eye out for myStaffingPro’s new hire onboarding enhancements!

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