Convergence Here We Come

I can’t believe that this is our 5th year at the Microsoft Convergence trade show.  Time has really flown by.  It’s crazy to think that we started out as the newbie on the block, and we are now an ISV that has a robust Microsoft Dynamics® integration for recruiting and applicant tracking.  The two-way integration is the most robust recruiting option available for Microsoft Dynamics customers.  Case in point, the myStaffingPro Microsoft Dynamics integration includes:

  • Automatic Requisition Export – Maintain accurate and current requisition information with a continuous requisition export from myStaffingPro to Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Configurable Applicant Data Transfer – Determine when and what information is transferred to Microsoft Dynamics with myStaffingPro’s flexible integration options.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Import – Receive myStaffingPro data into the Human Resources (HR), Applicants, and/or Requisitions tables of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Integration Administration – View the integration’s details and track the transfer status, date, and completion time.  If desired, the automatic transfer can be suspended and scheduled for a later date.
  • Customization – Add custom fields to myStaffingPro, and include the fields in the Microsoft Dynamics data transfer.

Want to see it for yourself?  Visit myStaffingPro at booth #2312 in New Orleans next week, or visit

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