Your Applicant Tracking System Ate My Resume

Muhahahahahahaha.  The evil and mighty applicant tracking system is still squashing applicants’ hopes of being hired.  Although there are a slew of quality applicant tracking systems, like myStaffingPro, those with a poor candidate experience give the entire industry a bad rap.  Typically speaking, the candidate experience is a pain point because applicants feel like they are not acknowledged and kept informed.  In addition, they feel like a magic mathematical formula is what is keeping them away from their dream job.

Before your system claims another innocent applicant’s chances, utilize these techniques to improve the candidate experience and your screening.

  • At the end of the online application process, thank the applicant for their application.
  • Provide email communication about their current standing in the hiring process.  Throughout the hiring process.
  • Provide a method for the applicant to check the status of their application online.
  • Utilize multiple techniques to qualify candidates.

Need help?  Contact myStaffingPro applicant tracking system to implement a candidate friendly application process.

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