Get Accountability with Applicant Tracking

Didn't Do ItThe blame game.  My toddler is an expert at shifting the blame onto someone or something else.  Typically, we can see through her exuberant stories, but without a complete record of events, it is hard to know what really happened.  Maybe it was the dog, or perhaps Lily the mouse did come to life and take it.  Who knows.  As a parent, I can be a little forgiving, but employers aren’t and the EEOC certainly isn’t.

Before little white lies become a big problem in your hiring process, build in accountability with an applicant tracking system.  An applicant tracking system records:

–       Who created, activated, posted, and/or edited a requisition
–       All documents and information collected during the hiring process
–       All activity on the applicant record

In addition, it provides comprehensive sourcing, workflow, and metrics reports.  With an applicant tracking system, you can identify when the applicant:

–       Started the application process
–       Completed the application as well as how long it took them
–       Returns to check their status

In addition, you can track all of the hiring manager and recruiter activity on an applicant record.  Including when they:

–       Updated the applicant’s status
–       Sent email messages
–       Reviewed and/or added documents
–       Edited data
–       Posted a note

Before Lily the mouse loses another resume, or even worse, an I-9, implement an applicant tracking system to build accountability into your hiring process.

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