myStaffingPro Review by RiverStone Health

We asked Human Resources Generalist and Recruiter, Alexis Urbaniak, about her experience  with applicant tracking and myStaffingPro.  Below are her responses to our brief interview.

What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system?
I have used an ATS for 5 years.

How long have you been using myStaffingPro?
I have been using MSP for 1.5 years, since fall of 2011.

How has myStaffingPro affected your processes (i.e. cost effectiveness, time to fill, etc.)
I would estimate it saves me 10 hours a week directly.  Since bringing on MSP with my employer, it has reduced time to fill by 2 weeks.  Not only is it cost-effective, it tracks everything, so there is no need to worry about sending out paper information and getting it back- it’s so easy to email things back and forth to managers and update in the system as you go! You can also email applicants directly out of the system, and update the candidates’ status, so it eliminates time spent playing phone tag scheduling interviews and updating information.  Instead of spending hours each week returning phone calls to candidates who inquire about the status of their application, our receptionist directs candidates calling in to log back into their applicant portal to view status updates 24/7.  The system tells candidates when applications are not complete, when their status is updated, and when an electronic offer letter has been sent, so it takes a lot of administrative weight off HR’s shoulders.  We connected MSP to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, our fiscal/HR software, so new hires feed into the record so we don’t have to create a new employee record manually.  This service saves us another hour each week.  Its automated live job feed to high visibility job posting websites such as has cut 2 hours a week out of my recruiting function alone.  Now I have time to focus on analytics and sourcing instead of posting to various job boards!

What is your favorite myStaffingPro feature?
My favorite feature is the ability to see all the requisitions that the candidate has applied to and notes with their record.  If someone declined a position a year ago and re-applies, I can look at their information electronically instead of digging through paper files to see what the reasons were.  It creates a streamlined and compliant process.  Plus, the service provided by Koji is FABULOUS! I can email a question and always get a quick response back.  The team at MSP is great to work with and you feel like a valued customer!

What would you say to other HR professionals about myStaffingPro?
Don’t spend another day tracking paper applicants and worrying about being legally compliant for tracking and screening purposes.  Not only is the cost of myStaffingPro very reasonable, the features such as automated job board positing are necessary in today’s market and the service you will receive is worth its weight in gold! You cannot go wrong- utilize myStaffingPro!


A huge thank you to Alexis for taking the time to complete our interview!  To learn more about her company, RiverStone Health, please visit

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