What are Hiring Metrics Reports?

With all of this talk about big data, I thought it would be nice to review a couple standard hiring metrics reports in myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.

What are hiring metrics reports?
Metrics Reports provide measurable information about requisitions. myStaffingPro includes three metrics reports: time-to-fill, sub cycle, and aging.

SHRM provides a through description of time-to-fill, including industry standards at http://www.shrm.org/Research/Articles/Articles/Pages/MetricoftheMonthTimetoFill.aspx

At myStaffingPro, we calculate the Time-to-Fill report by the number of days from Requisition Activation Date to Requisition Filled Date for requisitions that are in the Filled status. This number is then averaged across each month, for the time period selected.

Sub Cycle
The Sub Cycle report identifies the dates that are important throughout the life cycle of the requisition. These dates include: Created Date, Requisition Approval Date (if your organization uses the Requisition Approval feature), Internal Activation Date (if your organization uses the Internal Portal), External Activation Date, and Filled Date. The report summarizes the number of days from Created to Filled and from Active to Filled.

The Aging report calculates the Age of the requisition, based on the Created Date until Today. The report identifies those requisitions that are over 15, 30, 60 and over 90 days old.

What reports do you use to evaluate your hiring process?  Does your applicant tracking system include hiring metrics?

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