myStaffingPro Onboarding Processes 95,000th Hire

Goodbye paper, hello efficiency!  Since I originally wrote myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree two years ago, our onboarding usage has more than doubled.  The myStaffingPro onboarding process is now utilized by one out of every four clients and has facilitated the hiring process for more than 95,000 new hires.

Companies consistently choose myStaffingPro’s onboarding solution because it:

  • Eliminates manually processing and filing new-hire forms
  • Enables new hires to complete prehire forms in the comfort of their own home
  • Collects electronic signatures with the industry standard “click-to-sign” or electronic signature pad
  • Provides 24/7 access to new-hire documentation from any computer
  • Ensures a consistent new-hire process

“We love MSP Onboarding software. It assures that each document is signed and document retrieval is very simple.  We are grateful to not have storage boxes to look through.” – Spherion of Lima

Looking for an onboarding solution to help you process new-hire paperwork?  Learn more about myStaffingPro’s onboarding system at

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