5 Benefits of a Defined Hiring Process

When companies have a streamlined hiring process, it allows the recruiting process to run seamlessly and results in:

  1. 100% Compliance Participation.  Companies that ask for compliance information electronically via an applicant tracking system realize 100% compliance participation.  The automated system collects the information at the same phase for all applicants and requires a response to move forward (even if that response is non-disclosure).  The result is a 100% compliant process that provides comprehensive collection and reporting.
  2. Consistent Hiring Process.  The applicant tracking system ensures that every applicant completes the same hiring process.  The streamlined workflow crosses the “t’s” and dots the “i’s” so that recruiters can concentrate on recruiting instead of administrative tasks.
  3. Improved Candidate Experience.  With a defined hiring process, companies can create automated messages that inform the candidate where they are in the hiring process, throughout the hiring process.  The additional communication provides applicants with the acknowledgement that they desire after committing to apply with your company.
  4. Improved Time-to-Fill.  Instead of wondering who is where, an applicant tracking system maintains the hiring process and provides workflows to move the applicant forward.  The outcome is reduced time-to-fill openings.
  5. Reliable Reports.  With defined workflows, companies can pull accurate reports that reflect their true time-to-fill, aging, workflow, and sourcing information.

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