Ease the Headache of Interview Scheduling

You’ve narrowed down the applicant pool, and your hiring managers like what they see.  Now, you just have to get the applicant in for an interview.  Time to play the dance of the telephones.  Calling the hiring manager(s), calling the applicant, calling the hiring manager again.  On and on and on again until schedules align and a time is finalized.   Sometimes just getting them in the door can be downright exhausting!

OR, you could utilize an automated process to do the fancy footwork for you!  myStaffingPro’s hiring manager quick response portal provides:

  • Interface for managers to review applicants and “approve” them to move forward in the hiring process
  • Scheduling tool where the hiring manager can select days and times that they are available for an interview
  • Automated email notification to the applicant to inform them that they were selected to move forward in the hiring process with a link to select an interview time.
  • Continuous email communication that provides information on the progress of the approval and interview scheduling process

The result is the same.  However, the process is streamlined, and simplified to maximize efficiency.  How do you manage the interview scheduling process?  Are you getting a headache from the never ending telephone dance, or are you using an automated tool?

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