Back to School with the Employment Brand

This back to school season makes me think of the “new year new start” branding possibilities.  Kids nationwide are building their personal brand with book bags, binders, locker decorations, shoes, etc.  In my household, it’s everything princess.  My little girl is strongly in the Rapunzel camp.  Everything needs to be pink, purple, and sparkly.  Throughout the back to school buying process, everything, and I mean everything, had to fall in line with the personal brand identity she had selected for this year.

Although it’s not offered in one of the big box stores, this same branding activity holds true with our employment brand.  When picking out your employment brand, think about:

  1. What culture are you trying to convey?
  2. What imagery are you trying to provoke?  Cutting edge, tranquility, professionalism, fun, practical, secure, etc.
  3. What tone do you want to set?  Are you known for your whiffle ball tournaments at lunch, avant-garde costume parties, formal cocktail events, flash mob dance parties?
  4. What are the right words, or messaging, that should be used to convey your employment brand?

How are you going to communicate and demonstrate your employment brand?

  • Start small by switching out the stock photography on your career site with pictures of employees
  • Add testimonials from current employees
  • Produce and post videos from the executive team, about a day in the life, testimonials from current employees, as well as “behind the scenes”  and event footage
  • Link to the social media profiles of your executive team and hiring managers
  • Link to your profile

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg, however, it is an important discussion to have.  How are you managing your employment brand?  Does your applicant tracking system provide tools to promote and reinforce it?

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